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Custom, innovative Online Learning Solutions

ihappen group pictureI-happen offers full service online training that combines cutting edge technology, proven learning methodology and creative design. Our team has over ten years in developing online learning environments for Academic and Business clients.

Current economic conditions call for a paradigm shift in training. Our unique mix of interactive capabilities, e-Learning, adaptive assessments, and blended learning, are all designed with one goal in mind: to create an innovative, quality, cost-effective training experience.

group pictureOur services allow you to market your training on our site, adapt an existing program for online usage, or create a new training program.

Prices- Choose the option that suits your needs

(A) I have a training program, but I want to
adapt it for online learning.

Consultation with Web
Developer expert and Technical Writer

  • $100/hour

Adaptation of material for online usage
  • $150-$200/hour
  • (Typical cost-$4000)

(C) I don't have a training program, but I want to
create one online.

Consultation with Organization
Development specialist,
Instructional Designer,
and Sr. Web Developer.
  • $175/hour

Creation of new program
for online learning
  • $225-$300/hour
  • (Typical cost-$5500)

(B) I have online training that I want to sell through I-Happen.

Sr. Web Developer

  • $90 hour

Creation of program on
I-Happen site
  • $135-$185/hour
  • (Typical cost-$4500)
group picture
All services include the talents of an accomplished organizational development specialist, Sr. web developer, instructional designer, organizational development specialist, and Analyst programmer.

Prices given for Adaptation and Creation of program are estimates. Prices are subject to change based on length of program and add-on features.